Update Schedule for the Latest MPL ID Season 7

The MPL ID Season 7 schedule has just come out, and it doesn’t feel like the Regular Season will soon be over. Of course, we have also clearly seen which team can qualify for the playoffs.

For all of you lovers of the MLBB esports tournament, here we are giving you the MPL ID Season 7 schedule, so you don’t miss the exciting match. Because, there are some match highlights that can’t be missed!

MPL ID Season 7 Schedule

mpl id season 7

Day 1

  • 14:30 WIB — Alter Ego vs Bigetron Alpha
  • 17:00 WIB — Geek Fam vs Aura Fire

Day 2

  • 11:30 WIB — Bigetron Alpha vs ONIC Esports
  • 14:30 WIB — EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam
  • 17:00 WIB — RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego

Day 3

  • 14:30 WIB — Genflix Aerowolf vs RRQ Hoshi
  • 17:00 WIB — ONIC Esports vs EVOS Legends

Just sign it on your mobile calendar! So that all of you don’t miss the hype, the following admin will give you a brief leak regarding something that will happen at the MPL ID Season 7 tournament.

Issues Regarding MPL ID Season 7

The position of the MPL standings champion S7 ID

We can all confirm that the Genflix Aerowolf and Geek Fam teams will be the focus of attention in the seventh week of this MPL tournament. Because these two teams hold caretaker positions for the Season 7 Playoffs.

But we still don’t know which team will fall into the bottom standings, because in this match, it’s very difficult to guess, and it could all turn on the caretaker team itself.

Genflix Aerowolf the Giant Conqueror

Genflix Aerowolf had very impressive performances in the fifth and sixth weeks yesterday, until the audience predicted that this team would enter / qualify for the Playoff round.

It is not wrong that team 1 was given the nickname ‘Giant Conqueror’, because, the team was able to defeat superior teams such as Alter Ego, ONIC Esports, and EVOS Legends in a row, crazy guys!

In the MPL ID Season 7 Schedule, Genflix Aerowolf will meet the RRQ Hoshi team. Can Watt et al maintain consistency of gameplay when fighting the King later?

Each Waiting For the Moment of Awakening Alter Ego

Don’t get me wrong, this team was very overpowered at the beginning of the Regular Season, but because of a problem in their kitchen that made Alter Ego’s performance decrease.

In the MPL Season 7 week 6 match, this team presented 1 MDL player, namely AE Nino, which was used to maintain gameplay stability.

The fans / fans really hope that Alter Ego will rise soon, then will Ahmad and friends be able to answer the hopes of his fans in the match?

Consistency Defense Event

All teams participating in the MPL match are really obliged to maintain 2 big things, namely quality and consistency. Until now, there are only 4 teams that are said to be the most stable in both, namely EVOS Legends, RRQ Hoshi, ONIC Esports, and Bigetron Alpha.

The RRQ Hoshi and EVOS Legends teams are categorized as teams that start from scratch at the beginning of the Regular Season. As the MPL Season 7 match progressed, the performance of these two teams increased.

This was proven when EVOS reached the top of the MPL ID Season 7 standings, and received recognition from various parties. Then Bigetron Alpha also often gets the spotlight, because its performance has fluctuated throughout the Regular Season, even though the team has a strong roster and soul!

Then, there is ONIC Esports which finally abdicated the MPL Season 7 standings, after surviving for 2 weeks. But it does not rule out the possibility that this team can also return to its original rank, because this match is unpredictable, right!

Action Aura Fire in MPL ID Season 7

According to the admin’s own analysis, Aura Fire has no hope of entering the Playoff round. But we applaud that this team is not familiar with the word surrender.

However, this team still has the opportunity to tackle other teams advancing to the MPL Season 7 Playoffs. Because, if there is just one mistake it will have a fatal effect on the points in the standings.

Will the Aura Fire team be able to get their win in the Regular Season MPL Season 7? We’ll see the progress later!

Actually, if the admin discusses the MPL Season 7 tournament there will be no end, because we see it from all aspects, from the trivial to the biggest.

The point is, let’s just look at the match, after that the admin will make a review again about the unexpected things from the MPL match, based on the admin’s analysis with the team.

This is the latest news regarding the schedule for the MPL ID Season 7 this time, I hope this brief discussion will be useful for all of you, especially lovers of the Mobile legends esports game.



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