The Meaning of Psywar in Games, What Is Its Purpose?

Meaning of Psywar in Game

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For those of you who play games, you will definitely be annoyed with your opponent who is doing psywar. Actually, what does psywar mean in games? Generally, psywar is a form of attack carried out by the opponent.

This action targets someone mentally, especially games. When doing psywar, players will have different reactions. Psywar can be called a strategy to immobilize your opponent.

So that you better understand, here is the purpose of psychological warfare in online games:

What Does Psywar Mean in Online Games?

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Psywar stands for psychological warfare. So, what is psywar in games? Broadly speaking, psywar has the same meaning in games, namely a form of propaganda.

Propaganda is an attack by someone. Moreover, if there are parties who disagree with each other. This form of attack is often a strategy for game players to mentally attack their opponents.

That is, psywar focuses more on the psychological side of the opponent. The goal is to split their concentration.

For example, say you are ready to face the Mobile Legends competition. Indirectly, that statement can knock your opponent’s mentality. Because, they are not ready to compete.

Another example, there are some players who claim they have not made any preparations. It’s their way of pretending they’re unprepared. In fact, they could be ready to compete in the competition.

Seeing the explanation above, psywar meaning is a specific strategy to win the match. To make it easier, there is an example of psywar in Mobile Legends.

Example of Psywar at MPL Indonesia Season 7

What is psywar in the Mobile Legend game? Apparently, the MPL Season 7 class event also has a psywar. The competition is a tense war for the participants.

In MPL Season 7, there are several matches that are of concern. One of them is the RRQ Hoshi team. For two consecutive days, the defending MPL champion had to face challenges. They met Brigeton Alpha and ONIC Esports.

Then, there are also matches that are no less exciting. These matches are Aurafire vs Brigeton Alpha and Genflix Aerowolf vs Geek Fam. Not surprisingly, this match received more attention.

In fact, the MPL Season 7 teaser is the main reason. Apart from the arrangement, the contents of the song’s lyrics are a frightening specter. For those of you who don’t know, here are the lyrics of the song:

Pole everything in your way, collide

I aimed at all who were blocking in the middle of the lane

I asked all the towers to be prepared to be destroyed

The ax at my fingertips is always ready for battle

Deepen my sharp eyes look in hundreds of hours

The roar of my name is loud and roaring with light

Turn off your sails if you are not ready to dive

Plunge into the path of power we slaughter the victors


Look at my score

Look at my skills

You can try to control me but it’s my game

Look at my team

Look up my name

They’ll be talking about us

‘Coz of our game

Who Deserves to be Champion in MPL Season 7?

MPL Indonesia Season 7 has been going on since February 26, 2021. This season, there have not been many roster changes in each team. It’s almost the same as last season, every team has strength.

This moment is a challenge for every team, such as RRQ Hoshi and Alter Ego. However, Alter Ego is still a hot topic of conversation. Because, they failed to win the M2 World Championship in Singapore.

Even though they failed, they already had a lot of experience.
This season, the roster of the two teams has matured. Then, they challenged their opponents in MPL Season 7.

Unfortunately, there are six other teams that should not be underestimated, namely Brigeton Alpha, EVOS Legends, ONIC Esports, Geek Fam, Aura Fire, and Genflix Aerowolf.

After understanding the meaning of psywar in the game, have you found the right strategy?



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