New Roster Geek Fam in MPL Season 7 Tournament

Ahead of the Invitatonal MPL tournament event, Geek Fam ID carried out a major overhaul. This overhaul is expected to have a very significant impact on Geek Fam’s performance in this Mobile Legends tournament.

Even at the MPL Season 7 tournament, Geek Fam has become a very feared dark horse team. Geek Fam Indonesia’s performance has been less than satisfactory in recent seasons.

So, ahead of MPLI, the Geek Fam ID roster underwent a very significant change. The following is a Geek Fam roster who played in MPL Season 7.

Latest Geek Fam Roster Mobile Legends


Muhammad Firza Pahlevi or Frzz gave a new color to Geek Fam’s performance in MPLI and MPL Season 7. This frzz can be very dangerous when already using its flagship heroes, namely Selena, Pharsa, and Kagura.

Frzz’s epic performance throughout the MDL saw him immediately promoted to Geek Fam at MPL. In MPL Season 7, he proved to be giving a good performance with Geek Fam who was extraordinary.


In the jungler or core position, now Doyok is currently holding Babywww, who decided to retire. The owner of the full name Valentino Farrel Rustjo has managed to steal many eye pairs.

Because he managed to make Geek Fam very scary in MPL Season 7. In fact, he managed to get the highest MVP points along with the core of ONIC Esports, Sanz.


Geek Fam ID’s good performance in this season cannot be separated from Adam who filled the offlaner position. Maybe if you have participated in the MPL from the previous season you will be familiar with the figure of Adam.

Yes, this Adam used to have the nickname Sc1 and Schwann. He often changes his nickname, so that for some people he thinks that Adam is a new player.


Renv is a player who has been defending Geek Fam ID for a long time. Last season his nickname was Ipin, but now his name is Renv. He will be a duet with Adam in a sidelane position.


In the tank roamer position, Ahmad Eko Mustofa alias Zunz is now holding him. At that time he had defended EVOS Icon who played in MDL the previous season, and now Zunz is showing a brilliant performance with Geek Fam Indonesia.

His game when using a tanker hero is often a hassle for the opposing team. Even in the MPL Season 7 tournament, Geek Fam had the chance to overthrow the EVOS Legends team and provide more resistance to the top teams.


The last player to strengthen Geek Fam ID is Despair or Ranu Herdianto Yahmadi who acts as a sidelaner. He will alternate with Renv or Adam when absent.

Massive Geek Fam Roster Reshuffle

There is only one name that has survived with Geek Fam ID since last season, namely Renv (Ipin). Meanwhile, the other five players came from the Geek Fam team who played in MDL.

Even so, the performance of this dark horse team needs to be watched out for by other teams. If you reflect on the past season, Geek Fam ID has not yet reaped any achievements.

This is inversely proportional to the Malaysian Geek Fam who became a scary team in the MY / SG MPL tournament. It’s no wonder that in this season Geek Fam ID is making a major overhaul for better achievement.

At least they can qualify for the play offs for MPL Season 7 which is currently underway. With the composition of the roster above, can the Geek Fam Mobile Legends roster qualify for the MPL Season 7 playoffs?



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