Monochrome Esports Invited by Riot Games, What’s Wrong?

Monochrome Esports

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3 min readApr 20, 2021

Monochrome Esports is one of the lucky teams. Because, they received an official invitation from Riot Games. They were invited to compete in the Wild Rift Southeast Asia Icon Series 2021.

Through the official Riot Games website, they are included in the list of teams competing in this prestigious event. The 2021 SEA Icon Series Wild Rift Tournament was attended by 52 teams from Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

In the second match, they lost to Morph Team by a score of 2–0. Actually, how do they do in the world of esports? Check out the explanation here!

The First Monochrome Esports Game

Monochrome Esports

Monochrome itself was formed on February 8, 2020. Previously, they came from the mobile gaming community. All members of the community are fans and players of mobile games in Indonesia.

Initially, Monochrome Esports was one of the teams that shone on Call of Duty Mobile. No wonder, the team still sounds foreign. Thanks to the ambition of Monochrome CEO Petrus Clever, his team is growing rapidly.

In fact, Monochrome once hosted 12 Call of Duty Mobile teams. This number does not include the main team and ladies. Then, many mobile game players wanted to join Monochrome.

After being successful in the Call of Duty Mobile division, Monochrome formed a special LoL: Wild Rift team. Finally, the Monochrome Wild Rift roster was invited to the SEA Icon Series: Pre-Season event in March 2021.

Petrus also revealed the reason for forming the Wild Rift team as Monochrome first MOBA division. The reason is, they see the potential of MOBAs that are increasingly advanced.

Then, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. In addition, Monochrome wants to become a new icon in the Wild Rift division. Interestingly, there is only one player who has had a career in MOBA, namely Felix Willim (RAAIZEL).

The Wild Rift team from Monochrome has six players, namely Dian Alvian (RELIVIZE), Zulkarnain (ROBBER), Setia Permata Agung (FELCY), Felix Willim (RAAIZEL), Hengky (INSIGHT), and Jabang Nagari (NOYES).

There is a Meaning Behind the words “MORE”

Founder and Head of Esports Monochrome, Tom Putra explained, Monochrome has the title “MORE” among his fans. Apparently, there is a special meaning behind this designation. Actually, MORE stands for Monochrome Esports.

According to him, MORE in English means “more”. To be more precise, Monochrome was never satisfied with its achievements. They have the ambition to continue to grow and show their potential.

“Guiding all players to be even better. Then, they can show their best potential, “said the man who is familiarly called Pak Tepe.

In addition, there is also a special hashtag to support Monochrome, namely #BelieveinMORE.

Want to Make Monochrome Players Successful

Pak Tepe also explained that there are challenges in improving your skills in the esports field. In addition to making the public aware, Monochrome really supports esports to continue to grow.

He also admitted that he was happy to be able to guide inexperienced players. Because, everything must start from scratch and never give up.

“It’s nice to be able to guide an inexperienced player. That’s the role of management to teach them. For example, how to be a good captain. Then, build chemistry with other players, “he said.

In essence, Monochrome sense of the family above all else. He hopes Monochrome can be successful and win various tournaments, from national to international.

Monochrome Esports is still relatively new in the world of esports. However, this team has promising potential. It’s worth looking forward to all the achievements they will achieve in the Wild Rift.

For further news about Monochrome, or information about local to national esports tournament schedules, you can check the update information here.



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