Entruv Is Not Confident With Aura Esport In PMPL SEA Championship Season 3, Why?

PMPL SEA Championship Season 3

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2 min readMay 25, 2021

The most prestigious PUBG Mobile tournament in this part of Southeast Asia is PMPL SEA Season 3 which will soon start on May 21, 2021, and end on May 23, 2021.

PMPL SEA Championship is a dream match for all esports teams in Indonesia. Because, you could say it’s not an easy matter to be able to qualify for the PUBG Mobile tournament.

One of the qualifying teams that made it to the PMPL SEA Championship Season 3 is Aura Esports. The esports team from Indonesia, which has been established since 2018, has often shown achievements by becoming the best PUBG Mobile team.

However, the strength of the skills possessed by the “King of Miramar” team doesn’t necessarily make Entruv confident in PMPL SEA Season 3. On the YouTube channel podcast Bro Pasta yesterday said that the coach of Aura Esports admitted that he was not sure about his team’s performance later.

“Honestly, I lack confidence, if the final format is 3 days. Because this is online not offline, ”said Entruv when asked about how much confidence he had in Aura’s performance in PMPL SEA Season 3.

“The problem is that they learn not from watching the stream (Aura), but from on the spot. Team Aura is not a typical player who has to prepare data and after that watch. However, they are the type of player who must be able to experience the rhythm of the game directly, ”said Entruv while explaining.

Even though he lacks confidence in the PMPL SEA Championship Season 3 system, the coach still believes in Aura Esports’ flying hours. Then it was added after that Entruv said that during their training time, Jayden et al showed progress that could be said to be quite satisfying.

The coach has also been prepared for all the worst possibilities later. Even though the coach’s confidence scale is only 7 points out of 10, Entruv will always be there to accompany the Aura Esports team to the end.

In fact, Nomercy et al’s performance did not give anything bad for 2 match days in PMPL SEA Championship Season 3. So, what do you think about Entruv’s opinion? Just comment below!

Don’t forget to keep watching PMPL SEA Championship Season 3, and fly the spirit of #INDOPRIDE for Indonesian esports athletes, so that they will be even more enthusiastic to make Indonesia proud in the eyes of foreign countries.

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