Dead Rising A Hilarious Game Against Zombies in a Shopping Mall

The zombie virus pandemic themed game has indeed been appointed as the background for many video games. Zombie Apocalypse is a theme that is quite popular in pop culture, a lot can be extracted from the stories of human battles against the undead.

Of the many Zombie games available, players will usually feel the same fear as the tense atmosphere in the game, but it’s different with the Dead Rising game series. This game made by Capcom brings the excitement and pleasure of slaughtering zombies with whatever tools are found in front of us.

In the Dead Rising game series, you will be faced with a Zombie Outbreak in a shopping center such as a mall or shopping district. With so many abandoned items, we will face zombies or evil humans such as looters or psychopaths with all the items we can hold.

The full interaction with the surrounding environment makes this game fun, different from other zombie games which take into account the bullets of firearms against zombies.

The Capcom game company, which is famous for its zombie-themed Resident Evil series, has also spawned Dead Rising game titles to present hilarious themes and a refreshing arena for gamers. Unlike Resident Evil which is linear and serious, Dead Rising presents an Open World Sandbox game that highlights the silliness of its characters in fighting zombies.

The gameplay in Sandbox Open World is very exciting to play here because we are free to explore fun shopping and vacation spots and are free to do anything in this game. Here are 5 Dead Rising games that have successfully churned your stomach.

Dead Rising Game

1. Dead Rising

The first time Capcom released Dead Rising in the form of a console game on the Nintendo Wii in 2006. In this game, you can play as a journalist named Frank West who is trapped by zombies at Willamette Mall.

Initially all humans were safe in the Mall but because there was a grandmother who was chasing her dog who ran out of the mall, the mall doors opened and thousands of zombies outside the Mall began to enter the shopping center.

The humans also fled to the mall’s security room. The protagonist Frank West has to go back and forth around the mall while avoiding zombies while gathering the people who are still alive in every corner of the mall. As a journalist, Frank West tries to uncover the truth behind this zombie outbreak.

This game is fun to play because it presents something new in its time, namely the open world zombie adventure. This game is hilarious because you can also use children’s toys to fight the zombies.

2. Dead Rising 2

In 2010 Capcom released the sequel to the game Dead Rising. In this PC game, the online multiplayer cooperative feature is also presented for the first time. You can play adventure with friends to escape from Fortune City shopping centers and casinos.

Dead Rising 2 tells the story of Chuck Green, a motorbike acrobatic with a Demon Tong-like attraction in our country’s night market. In this attraction, Chuck rides a motorbike while crashing into zombies that are deliberately kept by the show to be killed like a bullfighter.

People who were not willing to take part in this show formed a group of activists to protect Zombie Human Rights and held a demonstration which resulted in the destruction of the zombie enclosure and spread the virus to all Fortune City visitors.

Chuck must fight to save himself and his toddler named Katey throughout this game. All the clothes on display at this shopping center can be worn by Chuck making it funny, especially if he wears a woman’s clothes wrong.

3. Dead Rising 2 : Off The Record

Dead Rising 2 has a Spin Off called Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. The setting of this game is still the same, namely Fortune City, but added with a new area, namely a theme park with a planet called Uranus.

The protagonist Frank West from the first game is back to be played here. The journalist with his flagship camera tries to unravel the mystery behind the zombie outbrake incident here. Gamers friends can capture moments with the camera in the game. The better and more unique the moment you get, the bigger the score you can get.

Sometimes funny moments can be snapped with a camera like taking selfies with zombies. Frank West’s small tricycle can also be used as a vehicle by Frank West, who has made this game make you laugh.

4. Dead Rising 3

In this next game title, Capcom wants to expand its playing area. It’s not a shopping center anymore but a city on the map. Los Perdidos is a city that was affected by the Zombie Outbreak in Dead Rising 3.

You can play as a mechanic named Nick Ramos. With his skills, Nick can combine various tools to become a powerful weapon against Zombies anywhere.

The weapons combined are a lot of funny and laughable, like the Blanka Street Fighter mask when combined with a car battery. If the mask is put on the zombie and the zombie walks into the crowd of zombies then the crowd will be electrocuted from the mask.

5. Dead Rising 4

Capcom has released the latest game title from the Dead Rising series, namely Dead Rising 4. This game is set in 2021 where Frank West, the iconic character, is getting old. Frank has to go back to investigate zombies at the newly rebuilt Willamette Mall and reopen but experience the Zombie Outbreak again which seems intentional by one party.

In this fourth series, you can be more skilled at combining existing items to become weapons. Even an exoskeleton combat outfit can be used and combined here. The costumes of famous Capcom characters can be found all over the mall and can be worn by Frank.

Like the costumes of Dante Devil May Cry, Arthur from Ghouls and Ghosts, X from Megaman and Zhangief, Akuma, M. Bison, Guile and Cammy from Street Fighter. You will definitely play while laughing to see Frank dress up as the famous female zombie exterminator, Jill Valentine Resident Evil or the sexy devil Moriggan Aensland from Darkstalker.

Thus the discussion of the hilarious Dead Rising game against Zombies in the shopping center. With the presence of this game series, it can be a breath of fresh air for you gamers who like zombie games, which are usually dark but here are cheerful and invite laughter. Which Dead Rising game is your favorite friend? You can write it in the comments column and keep up with the discussion about other exciting games here.



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